Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are recommended around the world as the safer, more effective, economic and convenient disinfectant. 

Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are based on a dry chlorine donor, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which is blended with effervescent components before being compressed into tablet form. The result is a fast-dissolving, highly convenient, safer and more accurate alternative to liquid bleach. 

In the Health Service and in Local Government where a number of authorities have banned the use of liquid bleach, NaDCC powders and tablet formulations predominate as the favoured method of chlorine disinfection. 

Disinfecting solutions prepared from Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are fast acting and have a complete spectrum of biocidal activity. Bacteria, bacterial spores, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses are sensitive to their effects.

Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are certified with test standards: BS:EN1276, BS:EN1650, BS:EN13704 & BS:EN13697

Dilution Chart

Available Chlorine
Application Tablets (for the 500mg NaDCC)
10,000 Body fluid spills 10 tablets in 300ml, 2 minutes contact time
2,500 Laboratory discard jars 8 tablets in 1 litre, soak overnight
1,000 General disinfection 4 tablets in 1 litre, 15 minutes contact time
600 Stainless steel instruments 2 tablets in 1 litre, soak 1 hour
400 WC’s, drain, sinks 1 tablet per 750ml, pour in solution
200 Food preparation, surfaces, floors 1 tablet per 1.5 litres
60 Dishcloths, mops etc 1 tablet per 5 litres


  • MRSA
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Escherichia coli
  • Vibro cholerae
  • Streptococcus faecalis


Recomendado por expertos mundiales en control de infecciones.

Compacto para almacenar y transportar - Reduce los costos de almacenamiento y transporte.

El cloro es eficaz contra prácticamente todas las bacterias, virus y esporas conocidas.

Menos tóxico y menos corrosivo que otros compuestos de cloro.

Seguro de manejar y almacenar - Sin derrames ni goteos.

Disolución rápida y listo para usar en menos de 5 minutos.

Effervescent Chlorine Tablets
Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

Available in the following formats:

1.1g (0.5g NaDCC) – 600 & 250 tablets per container
3.25g (1.7g NaDCC) – 200 tablets per container
4.72g (2.5g NaDCC) – 100 tablets per container
9.7g (5g NaDCC) – 50 tablets per container

500g Granules – Shaker
25kg Granules – Bucket

(We can also contract manufacture to your specification)


Body Fluid Spills, 10,000 ppm
Dissolve 1 tablet in 100ml, allow 2 minutes contact time


General Disinfection, 1,000 ppm
Dissolve 1 tablet in 1 litre, allow 15 minutes contact time


Stainless Steel Instruments, 600 ppm
Dissolve 3 tablets in 5 litres, immerse for 1 hour


Floors and Food Surfaces, 200 ppm
Dissolve 1 tablet in 5 litres, allow to soak for 3 minutes and air dry or use disposable paper towels