A key part of infection prevention programmes, Biospot chlorine tablets are recommended around the world as the safer, more effective, economic and convenient disinfectant. The range includes an effervescent chlorine tablet as well as a detergent sanitising tablet – combining cleaning and disinfection in one operation.

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Les comprimés de purification d’eau Oasis sont des comprimés de chlore effervescents qui rendent l’eau potable. Utilisées par les principales ONG du monde, elles tuent les micro-organismes présents dans l’eau pour prévenir la dysenterie, la diarrhée, le choléra et d’autres maladies transmises par l’eau. La gamme Oasis comprend également des comprimés pour la stérilisation des biberons.

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Foodsaf tablets are used throughout the world by the catering industry to meet the HACCP guidelines which require that all raw fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed with suitable sanitisers before preparation. Foodsaf is suitable for disinfection of salads, vegetables and non peelable fruit, as well as food preparation surfaces and equipment and is recognised and proven as an effective, highly convenient and safe food disinfectant.

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Hyzyme is an entirely natural product, made up of selective bacteria and enzymes which enhance the natural decomposition process of effluent in septic tank systems, grease traps and drainage systems. Hyzyme comes in the form of a fragrant lemon powder and is activated by adding to water.

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Agrichlor Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are the complete disinfectant for the farm and animal environment. From water disinfection to routine and terminal disinfection programs, Agrichlor ensures optimal hygiene conditions by rapidly killing micro-organisms. Agrichlor is proven to be effective against water-borne pathogens, which manifest themselves causing major problems especially in poultry, leading to slow growth, poor performance, sickness and even death.

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Contract Manufacturing

Some of the worlds largest brands, retailers and NGOs trust us to manufacture for them. With over 40 years quality manufacturing experience we understand our customer requirements and can provide a complete product, techical and managed service for own brand customers.

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