Hospital Disinfection

Biospot tablets are highly effective in infection control. Our tablets kill 99% of germs including MRSA and C.Difficile and are used by the UK NHS and in hospitals all over the world

Detergent Sanitiser TabletsEffervescent Chlorine Tablets

Baby Bottle Sterilisation

During a baby’s infancy, its immune system is developing. Our Baby Bottle Sterilising range is highly effective in ensuring harmful bacteria are killed.

Baby Bottle Sterilisation TabletsDisposable Steriliser Bags

Water Purification

Many countries are not equipped to cope with natural disasters affecting the water systems. When these occur, our Oasis Water Purification Tablets can be used to make water sterile and safe to drink. Follow the link below or visit the Oasis Water Purification Tablets site for more information.

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Food and Catering

In today’s food industry, great importance is placed on hygiene and cleanliness. Our Foodsaf Salad Wash range is suitable for the disinfection of salads, vegetables and non-peelable fruit

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Biological Activators

Hyzyme Natural Septic Tank Treatment is an entirely natural product which enhances the natural process of decomposition. It can be used in camping sites, septic tanks, cesspools, commercial greasetraps, catering areas and urinals

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Argichlor Effervescent Chlorine Tablets provide complete disinfection for the farm and animal environment, effectively eliminating micro-organisms

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