Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags are designed to make the sterilisation of your baby’s feeding products fuss-free when on the move. A box of Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags provides 7 days worth of individually packaged sterilising bags and tablets that can fit easily into a bag or pocket.

Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags are safe to use with foreign water, require no mains or battery power and provide a safe solution in 30 minutes.

Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags incorporate our Baby Bottle Sterilising Tablets, which kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores quickly and safely, proven technology that has been used in hospitals for many years.

Available in the following formats:

7 disposable steriliser bags foil wrapped and boxed

We are also able to contract manufacture for your own brand, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Fill the bag with water and allow the tablets to fully dissolve.


Fully submerge items for 30 minutes. Hang the bag safely, a door handle works well.


Each freshly made solution will last 24 hours. Use a fresh bag every 24 hours.